Special Project

Water Garden with Engineered Rockscape

Project Summary

  • Our Design Studio designed a 1-acre water garden for a sloped garden in Otford with streams, waterfalls and a series of ponds
  • ,
  • Due to access restrictions and to create large scale rock formation, we worked with Theme works to design a realistic-looking rockscape
  • ,
  • We collaborated with a structural engineer to engineer the concrete foundations for the water run and basins
  • ,
  • Engaged a specialist company to engineer a frameless glass bridge
  • ,
  • Worked with our in-house Oase qualified technician to calibrate the pumping system for the water garden
  • ,
  • Explored the integration of an otter cave into the design in collaboration with the Wildlife Trust and experienced Zoo enclosure designer
Sadly, this project was eventually not implemented but you can see what we installed instead here.

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