Special Projects

Large Specimen Tree Planting via Helicopter

Case Study: 
Large Specimen Tree Planting via Helicopter

We had to:
- Hire a helicopter pilot and winchman experienced in tree transport
- Source the appropriate lifting straps and cargo net sling
- Identify a field near the planting site to deliver the tree to via lorry
- Find and liaise with the owner of the field to obtain permission
- Organise a crane lorry to practice the correct placement of the lifting gear
- Prepare a risk assessment and wrap the tree ready for lifting and to withstand the air movement caused by the helicopter
- Arrange for a large planting hole to be dug by hand
- Transport 4 tonnes of soil to planting site via wheel barrow
- Partially back-fill hole with new soil
- Arrange for two support teams on day of lift; one to attach tree to helicopter, one to receive, place and plant it
- Unwrap tree and dispose of wrappings; return lifting gear
- Arrange for extra-long hose and timed water delivery system to water tree