Special Project

Large Specimen Tree Planting via Helicopter

  • Partnership with Architectural Plants
  • Helipcopter Lifts
  • Tree Planting

Project Summary

  • Hire a helicopter pilot and winchman experienced in tree transport
  • Source the appropriate lifting straps and cargo net sling
  • Identify a field near the planting site to deliver the tree to via lorry
  • Find and liaise with the owner of the field to obtain permission
  • Organise a crane lorry to practice the correct placement of the lifting gear
  • Prepare a risk assessment and wrap the tree ready for lifting and to withstand the air movement caused by the helicopter
  • Arrange for a large planting hole to be dug by hand
  • Transport 4 tonnes of soil to planting site via wheel barrow
  • Partially back-fill hole with new soil
  • Arrange for two support teams on day of lift; one to attach tree to helicopter, one to receive, place and plant it
  • Unwrap tree and dispose of wrappings; return lifting gear
  • Arrange for extra-long hose and timed water delivery system to water tree

Play Video

Another Video of Helicopter Tree Lift

This is a video of another helicopter tree left project undertaken by the Green Oak team and our trusted partners.

The Full Garden Project

Once the structure of the garden was established and large trees planted, we created an outdoor entertainment area with decks, seating, a gas fire bowl, patio heater and lighting. Find Out More

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