Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitation

Pathogens reside in the most hidden of places. Outdoor spaces are often left out in the disinfection process. However, day-to-day contact with street furniture in high footfall areas such as handles, play equipment, benches and other fixed external objects can harbour a multitude of germs. Unfortunately, these areas are less likely to be regularly sanitised and are often not subjected to the same checks and control measures as internal surfaces and spaces.  

What are we offering:  

High Pressure Cleaning Services and Disinfection of large scale spaces and equipment.  

Why are we different?

Our experience in managing and maintaining large expanses of outdoor space for both the public and private sector, from parks and public open spaces to schools and infrastructure, gives us the unique ability to focus on “risks” associated within our field of expertise. Having the equipment that and the ability to deliver quickly, efficiently and competitively sets us apart. Our dedicated equipment, skilled staff and careful calibration ensures that we are not complicit in wasting valuable product in a period of high demand; it also reduces any environmental impact the cleansing process may have.    


We are CHAS accredited, Local authority approved contractors with DBS cleared staff  

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