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Service Overview

Our unique approach to communicating design and planting schemes is instantly relatable. Wherever possible, we create the design of your garden in 3D. We are meticulous about detail, and we can walk you through your virtual garden so you can view the design from every angle. Wondering what the view will be from your bedroom window? We can show you. Wondering whether the pergola will provide shade at lunchtime in June? Our geo-located 3D model has the answer.

Our planting schemes are presented in an easily understandable framework that will show you exactly what flowers, colours and textures to expect each season and how your garden will change throughout the year.

We enjoy taking you on a journey and making the design process exciting and interactive. You won’t need to visualise from a 2D plan or know Latin plant names to understand our designs- you will know exactly what to expect before the installation team commences work.

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  • 3D Design
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  • Illustrated seasonal planting schemes
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  • Construction and Detail Drawings
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  • Design management throughout completion
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  • Commissioning existing designs

Did you know your garden can be both spectacular and low-maintenance?

With today’s incredible variety of hard-working, easy to maintain plants, a good garden designer will be able to create a scheme that has compelling structure and foliage of varying colour and texture throughout the year, even in the depth of winter.

As for paving, decking and screening, we can recommend many cutting edge materials that are extremely low-maintenance while retaining their looks for decades to come.

Marlene Lento

Creative Director

Our Process

We visit your site for an informal conversation and some brainstorming to ascertain what you would like to achieve with your outdoor space, priorities, style, ‘would-love-to-haves’, and budget.

Based on your requirements, we prepare a design brief and a quote for the design work. If you proceed with commissioning the design, we provide you with a construction quote based on the final approved design. The design is yours, and you are free to expedite them you like. However, we find we end up building almost all of the designs we prepare in-house.

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Commissioning Existing Designs

If you have already commissioned a designer, we are happy to quote and build from 3rd party drawings.

Some Popular Questions

  • Do I need a garden design?

    Good question!
    Most of our project work is design led. This makes sure you are making the most of the space and getting the best value for money. It also means that you and us are both clear on what we are delivering because there is documentation in the form of plans and visuals we have agreed on. I hope you will believe us that saving on a design is a false economy.

    The difference between most DIY design jobs and a project that has been designed and executed accordingly is immediately apparent. The quality of your final result is in the detailing, in the way the materials are combined and the use of consistent visual language throughout the project. And that is without considering the solutions a good design can bring to your space that you wouldn’t have thought of. Landscaping isn’t like a few cushions that you can replace if you don’t like them, it’s something you will live with for many years and that can either give you joy every time you look at it or it can be the cause of regret. We like to deliver joy! However, for very straightforward pieces of work, a design may not be required. Talk to us and we will give you an honest answer.

  • Why use a design and build contractor?
    The good thing about our team is that we know that whatever we design can be built and accurately translated onto the site and within the agreed budget. During the design process, our wider team is also involved in the consideration of construction methods and on-site logistics. We understand there is nothing worse than a vision that can’t be delivered. For you, it also means that there is one point of contact and that all the responsibility rests with us. There is no finger-pointing between 3rd party designers or subcontractors when a nimble and coordinated approach is required, especially when there are changes or if unexpected situations arise during the project’s construction phase.
  • How much will my garden design cost?

    Our design work is priced according to the complexities involved. One is the scope of your project. Level patio and deck areas with in-ground or raised beds and associated planting are the most straightforward, whereas outdoor kitchens and bespoke built-in seating areas and steep sites, to name a few, involve more detailing and require a topographical survey.

    Most of our clients come to us for our unique 3D designs, examples of which you can see in our Design Studio section. These designs detail every aspect of your project and usually include lighting designs. Some projects can be communicated in a 2D format, for which packages start from £1000.  As a guideline, the design of a project can be approximated as a proportion of the overall project cost. For Design-only providers, this ranges from 20% for small projects to 10% as the project value increases.

    We are often able to offer better rates, however, design and planning is a time consuming and important part of the project and saving on this process truly is a false economy. It is important to note that a good design will save time and costs in last minute or mid-project changes that always arise when planning is less thorough. As such, we can guarantee that our design will pay for itself.

  • Can I just buy a design?
    Yes, you can! Although people like the easy process from design to build, clients such as developers and contractors often use our work to submit as part of a wider planning process.


What our customers say

Really happy with how the work was carried out and the finished garden totally met our expectations and looks great. The team were professional and worked in less than ideal conditions with respect to weather and access.

Andy B


I think you have done a fantastic job on the design. It all worked extremely well and surpassed expectations on what the garden can look like.

Neill C

West Wickham

We had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the design process for our roof terrace – Marlene and her team addressed our brief thoroughly and they were incredibly flexible in allowing multiple rounds of edits until we got to the perfect design. Throughout the process they were extremely professional, friendly and attentive, making us feel like very valued customers. Overall, we can’t thank Marlene and the team enough for all the hard work they did on our design.

Olmo D & Danie V


My first impressions are “WOW! – you’ve absolutely smashed the brief out of the park!” we love the water feature/rill/pond and the fact that the existing patio space is being fully utilised as useable space. There are many clever design features that are a “nod” to the existing house and its build materials, and overall we are both blown away by this, thank you.

Paul G.

East Farleigh

We love what we see!! It all looks so real when you see it in that format - great job!

Mrs. Fisher


The design looks so good that we will have bifold doors from the dining room to the garden.
Thank you again Marlene for an inspiring design.

Mrs. McQuillan


Really impressed with the team. Alfie and Shane worked so hard and were polite, positive and helpful.

Mr. Tom Price


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