Service Overview

Our unique approach to communicating design and planting schemes is instantly relatable. Wherever possible, we create the design of your garden in 3D. We are meticulous about detail, and we can walk you through your virtual garden so you can view the design from every angle. Wondering what the view will be from your bedroom window? We can show you. Wondering whether the pergola will provide shade at lunchtime in June? Our geo-located 3D model has the answer.

Our planting schemes are presented in an easily understandable framework that will show you exactly what flowers, colours and textures to expect each season and how your garden will change throughout the year.

We enjoy taking you on a journey and making the design process exciting and interactive. You won’t need to visualise from a 2D plan or know Latin plant names to understand our designs- you will know exactly what to expect before the installation team commences work.

  • Free visitation and quote
  • 3D Design
  • Illustrated seasonal planting schemes
  • Construction and Detail Drawings
  • Design management throughout completion
  • Outdoor Lighting Schemes
  • Commissioning existing designs

Did you know your garden can be both spectacular and low-maintenance?

With today’s incredible variety of hard-working, easy to maintain plants, a good garden designer will be able to create a scheme that has compelling structure and foliage of varying colour and texture throughout the year, even in the depth of winter.

As for paving, decking and screening, we can recommend many cutting edge materials that are extremely low-maintenance while retaining their looks for decades to come.

Marlene Lento

Creative Director

Our Process

We visit your site for an informal conversation and some brainstorming to ascertain what you would like to achieve with your outdoor space, priorities, style, ‘would-love-to-haves’, and budget.

Based on your requirements, we prepare a design brief and a quote for the design work. If you proceed with commissioning the design, we provide you with a construction quote based on the final approved design. The design is yours, and you are free to expedite them you like. However, we find we end up building almost all of the designs we prepare in-house.

Commissioning Existing Designs

If you have already commissioned a designer, we are happy to quote and build from 3rd party drawings.

Before and After

Look at our case studies to see before and after photographs.

Examples of design packages

Take a look at the design packages we have prepared for clients below. This will give you an idea of the great level of detail our designs consider, how our designs are bespoke to every site and its owner’s requirements and style, and what you can expect to receive when you commission a design with us:

Large Outdoor Living and Entertainment Space with Waterfeatures and Gardens

East Farleigh
Open PDF

Mediterranean Garden with Wisteria Walk and Terrance

Open PDF

Woodland Entertainment Area for Artisan Smokery

Open PDF

Steep Rear Garden with Gabion Terraces

Open PDF

Outdoor Entertainment with Kitchen and Lounge area, hot tub, deck, and water feature

Open PDF

Contemporary Woodland Garden

Open PDF

Large Water Garden Construction with Waterfall, Stream, Pond, Engineered Rock and Japanese Style Garden

Open PDF

Planting Scheme for Sculpture Garden

Open PDF

Sunny Terrace with Low Maintenance Planting and Screening

Open PDF

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