Service Overview

We operate a specialist fencing division which supplies and installs both domestic and commercial fencing. We have been a trusted local fencing contractor for over 10 years and can advise you on the best fencing solution for your property.

We understand boundaries can sometimes be contentious topics, and our teams are courteous, considerate, and reliable and undertake fencing installations with minimal disruption and intrusion.

We care about the quality of the products we use – our reputation has meant we are approved Jackson Fencing installers, leading installers of specialist security fencing and the South East’s stockist and installer for Hampton metal fencing products. We have joined forces with Durapost to supply and install a market-leading slimline metal post system offering an attractive, long-lasting alternative to timber.

  • Domestic close board fencing
  • Decorative timber panels
  • Concrete post systems
  • Acoustic fencing
  • Gates supplied and installed
  • Security fence systems
  • Paddock fencing
  • Agricultural fencing
  • Dog proofing
  • Chestnut products
  • Bespoke screening and trellis

Types Of Fencing

Closeboard Fencing

Our most popular product. This can come in heights from 3 foot to 10 foot. This product is most commonly used in gardens and is a welcome change from budget panel fencing and has a much longer life span. This can come with or without a capping top giving it a decorative finish.

Panel Fencing

Our waney lap panel fencing is heavy duty and far surpasses that available from retail suppliers. It is double battened and pressure-treated leaving a natural wood finish, without the need for regular maintenance and painting. This is by far our most popular budget end fencing product, offering good value as well as longevity.

Picket Fencing

Often used outside the front of houses or commonly used to dog-proof small areas. This can come in pointed or round top and also makes fantastic gates. This can be hard grained or come with a smooth finish ready for painting.

Post and Rail Fencing

This is mainly used around paddocks and arenas but also offers a decorative barrier around slopes, ponds and other amenity areas. It can also be installed with half-round posts for a softer look.

Hit and Miss Fencing

Using vertical boards, hit and miss fencing is a great alternative to close board fencing, more decorative yet still offering a good level of security. The offset boards create seclusion and privacy giving both sides of the fence a great view. Also ideal in areas subject to high winds.

Acoustic Fencing

If you live near a noisy motorway or road then acoustic fencing can help reflect noise away from your property or garden. Reflective fencing is layered timber and when the noise hits the fence it reverberates back out in the direction it came from.

Our Process

Whether you know what type of fencing you are looking for or would like some advice as to which style will best fit your requirements and your budget, give us a call to schedule a visit for a quote or advice.

Did you know gravel boards help a fence last longer?

Gravel boards are a protective barrier between the ground and your fence. Normally used with a feathered fence, they ensure the individual feathers are off the ground, thus helping to prevent rot as the boards aren’t in contact with the damp earth.


Fencing Team Leader

Tree & Vegetation Clearance

If you need tree work or vegetation clearing before your fence installation, we can help.


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