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With so many options and regulations relating to driveways, it can be difficult to decide what is best for your situation - we’re happy to help.


Service Overview

Green Oak offers a wide range of driveway solutions, from period clay pavers to permeable block sets and modern resin-bonded driveway surfaces. We can advise you on the best material for your property style and your budget and how to maximise the curb appeal of your property with your driveway design. Our Design Studio can prepare a range of planting schemes to compliment your drive, which can be low maintenance and bullet-proof or intricately eye-catching, to suit your style. We can also specify and install exterior lighting to complete the look. Our fencing division offers a range of beautifully made gates and automation packages, and our in-house electrician can install electric vehicle charging points, security lighting and access control systems to complete your driveway project.

Components of a successful driveway project

We ensure that the correct drainage is installed and our work conforms to current building regulations. If your access conditions are challenging, we can provide a swept path analysis to create the optimum driveway design for what often seems an impossible space. If you are transforming a front garden or extending an existing driveway to gain off-street parking, we can help you navigate regulations around permitting, requirements on visibility splays and lowering of kerbs for your project. Whether you need to design and install a small urban driveway or resurface a large drive and parking area, we serve Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Bromley, Chislehurst, Maidstone, Pembury, Paddock Wood and the surrounding areas of Kent and East Sussex.


What our customers say

Friendly team and very professional great work.

Mrs. Debora Elachraoui

Sean, Les and Rob were all absolute legends. Hardworking, polite, and super lovely! Will miss having them around.

The Mucky Hound

Great service friendly staff left everything clean and tidy.

Stuart Knight

Some Popular Questions

  • Do I need to use permeable materials for my driveway?
    Planning Policy Guidance stipulates that “all new developments should collect, treat and ideally reuse stormwater where it falls”. The easiest way to meet these requirements is to install a permeable system such as permeable blocks, resin or gravel. However, a variety of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can be used to create compliant schemes with non-permeable drive surfaces. These solutions are dependent on your location and soil composition. We can advise you of your options during a site visit.
  • What about drainage?
    We can help you ascertain if drainage is required for your drive. For non-permeable surfaces, it depends on your soil composition and how well-draining the soil around your driveway is. Solutions range from soakaways to rain gardens. For slow-draining sites, it may be necessary to connect into existing drains. We can advise on the most sustainable and economical solutions during a site visit.
  • What is the most economical material?
    Reinforced grass or gravel is likely to be the most economical choice, but they have their limitations and disadvantages. The most commonly installed material is permeable block paving, with permeable resin gaining ever more popularity. With your dive being a prominent feature, it is important to ensure the aesthetics of the chosen material will harmonise with the style of your house. We are happy to advise on style, function and budget.
  • Can you help me fit more cars on my drive?
    Sometimes, a clever reconfiguration of your drive can create more parking and easier entry and egress for the cars parked on it. We can produce a ‘swept-path analysis’, a CAD-generated diagram showing turning circles of any vehicle to determine the most space-saving layout options for your drive.
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