Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we get asked quite regularly. We hope you find the information useful, but if you do need further information then please don't hesitate to contact us

Do I need a garden design?

Good question…

Most of our project work is design led. This makes sure you are making the most of the space and getting the best value for money. It also means that you and us are both clear on what we are delivering because there is documentation in the form of plans and visuals we have agreed on. I hope you believe us that saving on a design is false economy: The difference between most ‘DYI’ design jobs and a job that has been designed and executed accordingly is immediately apparent.The quality of your final result is in the detailing, in the way the materials are combined and the use of a consistent visual language throughout the project. And that is without considering the solutions a good design can bring to your space that you wouldn’t have thought of. Landscaping isn’t like a few cushions that you can replace if you don’t like them, it’s something you will live with for many years and that can either give you joy every time you look at it or it can be the cause of regret. We like to deliver joy!
... however for very straight forward pieces of work a design may not be required. Talk to us and we will give you an honest answer.

Why use a design and build contractor?

The good thing about our team is that we know that whatever we design can be built and accurately translated onto the site and within the agreed budget. During the design process, our wider team are also involved in consideration for construction methods and on-site logistics. We understand there is nothing worse than a vision that can’t be delivered. For you, it also means that there is one point of contact and that all the responsibility rests with us. There is no finger pointing between 3rd party designers or subcontractors when a nimble and coordinated approach is required, especially when there are changes or if unexpected situations arise during the project’s construction phase.

How much will my garden design cost?

Our design work is priced according to the complexities involved. One is the scope of your project. Level patio and deck areas with raised and associated planting are the most straight forward whereas outdoor kitchens and bespoke built-in seating areas and steep sites, to name a few, involve more detailing and require a topographical survey. Most of our clients come to us for our unique 3D designs, examples of which you can see in our Design Studio section. These designs detail every aspect of your project and usually include lighting designs. Some projects can be communicated in a 2D format, for which packages start from £1000.  As a guideline, the design of a project can be approximated as a proportion of the overall project cost. For Design-only providers, this ranges from 20% for small projects to 10% as the project value increases. We are able to offer better rates, however, design and planning is a time consuming and important part of the project and saving on this process truly is false economy. Here are some external sources outlining typical charging structures for comparison: how-much-does-a-garden-designer-cost?It is important to note that a good design will save time and costs in last minute or mid project changes that always arise when planning is less thorough. As such, we can guarantee that our design will pay for itself.

Can I just buy a design?

Yes you can! Although people like the easy process from design to build, clients such as developers and contractors often use our work to submit as part of a wider planning process.

What’s the design process?

Exploratory session We make an initial visit bringing with us loads of ideas and buckets of inspiration. In this session we get the ball rolling leaving you with an outline concept and getting you thinking! If you found this helpful, we can arrange a free 1 hour envisioning session with our designer.

Envisioning session Following on from our exploratory session, we hope you have had time to digest and think further about our suggestions. During the ‘envisioning session’ we bring all the ideas together on site in conjunction with our designer. We will also discuss budget implications and how we can achieve the best result within those constraints. Following our time together we, will send you a brief that outlines every aspect of your requirements that we discussed so you can check and approve this. The brief forms the basis for our quotation for producing a professional design that will provide solutions for everything on your ‘must-have’ and your ‘would love to have’ lists.
Design phase We aim to produce all our designs within 4 weeks. This is a really exciting part of the process as we work with you to bring the garden to life through beautiful designs and illustrations. We prepare a presentation that includes coloured visuals, plans and images that communicate every part of the design. See our case studies to find out what you can expect to receive. We submit this design to you and address any questions or comments you have. We find that a good brief results in a design that is usually 95% on target. We will then integrate any revision requests. This is part of the design process and is included in the design cost. We then reissue the finalised design for your approval.
Construction quote phase. Once the design has been approved, we prepare all the take-offs, specifications, plant sizes etc required to prepare a construction quote for you. If you would like to proceed with the work and haven’t reserved a slot, we will schedule one for you. 

Are you team qualified?

Definitely! Staff development is a fundamental part of our commitment to provide a first-class service. We have an enthusiastic and talented team each specialising in different elements of the outdoor sector. All our staff our DBS checked for peace of mind and safety.

Who will undertake the work?

We as a company do not subcontract out any of our work. This is what sets us apart from most companies. We employ a specialist team of fully skilled uniformed landscapers that will undertake all elements of your project. All work is assigned a team leader who will be your first point of contact on site. The team leaders are supported by a project coordinator and office staff and are part of a well-oiled machine.

Do I need to be at home during the works?

We endeavour to cause minimal disruption to our customers’ personal lives while we undertake any project work. As long as we have access to the area and an outside tap and electric supply, that’s all we need.... although we never say no to a cup of tea! 

Can I see some of your previous work

Be our guest…..we have a show garden located at Corker Outdoor Living in Paddock Wood, or we can arrange for you to visit either one of our ongoing projects, or one that has been recently completed.

Are you insured and what safeguards do I have?

We are fully insured, as we are approved contractors for both the public and private sectors. We have cover for up to 10 million pounds. All of our work is undertaken under a set of terms and conditions that protect both the client and contractor. For larger projects we set up a staged payment contract setting out milestones for payments. We also have a voluntarily customer charter an example of which we send with quotations, and as members of BALI and other industry bodies we adhere to the highest standards of service to our customers.

Do you belong to any trade organisations or authoritative bodies?

Yes we do… our company takes pride in being industry leaders in showcasing innovative products, materials and equipment. We are proud to be associated with the following bodies:

BALI : British Association of Landscape Industries

CIS :  Constructionline

CHAS : Contractor Accredited Health& Safety Scheme

IOG: Institute of Groundsmanship

RHS: We are RHS ambassadors

We have also written industry wide commentary and submitted articles for industry leading publications