Steep Small Garden with Patio and Raised Rendered Planters

Project Summary

This is the rear garden of a terraced house with limited access through a garage. The owners wanted to create a more light, open and contemporary outdoor space. The challenge was plentiful with this project: An expansion of the patio involved the excavation of large amounts of soil. We removed a wall and door to the garage and created temporary secure access for our machinery. During the demolition phase, we also discovered additional drains and a large drainage chamber that had been concealed and that had to be addressed.

Our design increased the depth of the patio with raised rendered beds at various levels, one of which integrates a water feature. We reconfigured the steps leading up to the upper level of the garden which freed up further patio space laterally. On the top level, we created a retaining sleeper bed in front of the fence, which allowed us to level and turf the upper tier of the garden. The planting scheme is almost exclusively composed of evergreen shrubs and perennials that silhouette beautifully in front of the pristinely rendered walls.

Design to Completion Steep Small Garden with Patio and Raised Rendered Planters Pembury

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